Web sites, promotion, advertising on the Internet

On-line promotion is a demanded service. This means maximum encompassment of audience in shortest time. 

Site elaboration 

The corporate site is the main tool for on-line promotion. We provide creation, design, text fulfillment and technical support of the corporate web-site, portal, Intranet-portal (internal site of the company). We also provide a comfortable site management system. 


SEO (search engine optimization) means the search optimization to improve the site visibility in search systems. The most users find sites exactly through such search systems. SEO promotion helps the site to take the highest positions in «search results». SEO promotion effect is visible right away – you just type the key words in the search machine. SEO – second most important method of internet marketing. Together with the context and banner advertisement, SEO completely solves the site promotion issue.

Tasks of SEO:

  • of site's position in the popular search systems (Yandex, Google etc.)
  • increase of site's visitors' amount
  • increase of resource awareness

Banner advertisement

Banner – advertisement picture and simultaneously a hyperlink which redirects to necessary resource with one click.

Advantages of banners:

  • meet consumers – in paces of their active stay
  • increase brand awareness
  • shortest way to purchase
  • effect commences right after launch of banner 

Context advertisement

Context advertisement – short text announcements which arise on pages of search systems after user's request. They help to make the site attractive for the target audience. Context advertisement is used in all popular search systems.

Benefits of the context advertisement:

  • it is aimed at the interested audience but not at the accidental site visitors;
  • perception of an information announcement;
  • good adjustment according to the type of audience;
  • payment only for target visitors;
  • the most effective means of internet marketing. 

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a complex of technologies used on the internet to manage the public opinion.

Main targets of guerrilla marketing:
  • introduction of a brand on a market, provision of its awareness and consumers' interest
  • neutralization of negative, rebuff of attacks with the help of internet
  • establishment of a positive information field around the company
  • formation of favorable image of a company or a person
Actual projects

Each furniture factory has a catalogue. But do all people look through the catalogue which the dealer has provided them with?

The show «Residential issue» is one of the most independent on TV. Here, the sponsors can not demand the most advantageous presentation of their product only because «they pay».

If you are not in China you should not start manufacture of T-shirts.

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