Advertising services

We offer a range of services for the creation and placement of advertising in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Have experience of cooperation with European companies are able to provide reports and financial documents of the EU standards.

Ad placement

  • outdoor advertising (billboards 3x6 m, city-size 1.2 × 1.8 m, brendmauer, trivizhn)
  • on transport (metro, buses, trolleybuses, trams)
  • the media (press, radio, television)
  • on the Internet (placement of banners, context advertisement, placement of articles on topic portals, on-line PR etc.)
  • in social networks

Production of advertising and promotional materials

  • video and audio clips
  • POS-materials
  • outdoor advertising (signboard, signs, labels)
  • Printing Products
  • large format printing
  • promotional form
  • promotional stands
  • exhibition stands
  • puppets
  • balloons with logo
  • street banners
  • vinyl magnets
  • souvenirs
  • branded shirts / jackets

Development of an advertisement campaign

  • definition of tasks, targets, main consumers, definition of total and monthly budget 
  • concept development of advertisement campaign, advertisement ideas, design solutions of advertisement materials, planning of company
Actual projects

«EU Cheese, please!» -that was the name of the advertisement campaign of the European Union to promote Bulgarian and Cypriot cheeses in Russia.

Each furniture factory has a catalogue. But do all people look through the catalogue which the dealer has provided them with?

Restaurant «Osaka» has set a task – to inform inhabitants and office workers of neighbor buildings about its opening and in the very first day to engage the maximum amount of visitors.

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