Tell me about Finland, sofa!

Each furniture factory has a catalogue. But do all people look through the catalogue which the dealer has provided them with? As the experience shows, more often it stays in sight for some time after the visit of the furniture shop, and then it is put into a «long drawer» or even thrown away.

We offered to our client, Finnish company «Pohjanmaan» to change that situation and alongside with the catalogue of new products to issue some kind of guide magazine for the Suomi country. It tells about tourist sightseeings of the country, its people, about Finnish food, stereotypes related to our northern neighbors and even about the way to make morning exercises not leaving your sofa. And, of course, each issue tells about the newest products of the manufacturer as well as the trade partners of the company.

The magazine is distributed in more than a hundred of dealer's and manufacturer's shops in different regions of the country as well as on exhibitions where it is highly demanded.

That idea of ours was successful, because of that the catalogue-magazine is being issued quarterly already for two years and fulfills well the task to deliver a «part of Suomi» to each interested family.

«Pohjanmaan» sofas are, no doubt, comfortable and nice but we taught them to «talk» also. 

The electronic version of the catalogue-magazine can be viewed on site of our client -   



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