Sit down, it is «Residential issue»

The show «Residential issue» is one of the most independent on TV. Here, the sponsors can not demand the most advantageous presentation of their product only because «they pay». Interior design and the very show is a creative thing to do. The author must be free in his decisions then the total effect of the creative product will be higher. By that reason, our main task was to demonstrate all features of «Pohjanmaan» sofas namely in diversity of interior designs.

We prepared descriptions of each model which the artists and moderators used. From the very first shows in 2010, the participating designers have appreciated the functionality, gracefulness and design diversity of sofas. Even in «standard boxes» they happened to be suitable and natural elements of furnishing. The manufacturer also made sure that the creative liberty of the show creators in no way reduces the advertisement effect, on the opposite – it enhances it.

Considering that the cooperation of manufacturer and the show continues the second year, we may assume that this union arranged by us is also a creative one. Look on «Pohjanmaan» sofas in the show «Residential issue» on your present sofa, and then buy a Finnish one, sit on it, and watch the show again. You will enjoy the show even more.

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