Smile, this is cheese!

Actually, in Russia we do not smile without a reason. It may be understood wrongly. On the other hand, what business can be without a friendly smile?

At last a quite convincing reason was found not to look stupid, and quite joyful for many serious people to finally smile together at last and to say: «Che-e-e-se!»

«EU Cheese, please!» - that was the name of the advertisement campaign of the European Union to promote Bulgarian and Cypriot cheeses in Russia, financed by those three parties. The campaign was arranged by Belgian Agropromotion and its slogan was «European cheeses of supreme quality». We were partners of Belgians and our task was to promote cheeses in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Target audience of the event are representatives of the restaurant business, distributors of food, journalists of special mass media, and just end users. The advertisement campaign was aimed at all of them. The restaurant-keepers and food suppliers as professionals treat very diligently everything which is put in mouth. They have to look, listen, smell, feel, lick, cook, taste, drink, learn the aftertaste, evaluate expenses and take a break. They have had such opportunities. Some of them went to a business trip to Bulgaria where they visited the manufacturers' premises, study the cheese production technology, learn people who produce those cheeses. They tasted each sort and by their own eyes monitored all manufacture stages.

In addition, degustations and business-lunches were arranged in shops. Those events were accompanies by mass advertisement on TV and in printed mass media, placement of outdoor advertisement.

The campaign results have awaken the Europeans' interest towards the Russian market and a strong desire to promote there other food products. An you say «che-e-e-se». 

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