T-shirts go west

If you are not in China you should not start manufacture of T-shirts. If you are from Izhevsk hold on the make «Kalashnikov» and sell under it everything you like. Even T-shirts. To act otherwise – means to be a dreamer and madman. Exactly as such dreamers and madmen may be named people from Izhevsk textile company «MTM shirt», which sew T-shirts on individual orders and sell them on-line.

They asked us to assist them in sending of a press release to mass media. But we managed to do better. We decided to use the elaboration of English version of the corporate site as commencement of a larger project – entry on international market. Indeed, a Russian provincial T-shirt manufacturer entering the international markets – that news was unexpected for the Russian mass media. For many of us sincerely glad for international success of the Russian companies.

A regional project has gained the national popularity and loyalty of many central mass media. Some of them have evaluated the importance of that fact so much that they have published large articles and even interviews. The federal «Business-journal» and «Svoi business» have prepared large analytical materials dedicated to internet trade and work on international markets, «Moscow Times» and «Biz-Times» have published a detailed interview with the founder of business Vassili Muntyan, another 23 printed and on-line media have replied on that event with news and analytical publications. Amongst them «Delovaya Moskva», «Delovoi Peterburg», «AiF», «Economica i vremya», «Territoriya businessa». It happened to be not a «press release sending» but a full-scale communication campaign which was a nice surprise for sewers. 


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